July 3, 2021

Written by

Chris Gonzales

What does a billionaire techno-superhero carry when he’s off the clock?

Well, if Iron Man were real, we’re betting the answer to that question would be way out of our ability to acquire. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun 😉

Here are a handful of EDC items that might help you feel a bit like Tony Stark in your day-to-day life.

* * *


  1. Juuk Crimson II “Vitero” Apple Watch band. ($149)

    Inspired by vintage race cars and made from hard anodized 6000-series aluminum — commonly used for aerospace, automotive, and nautical applications — this distinctive Apple Watch band sports a matte red (dare we say “hot rod red”?) color with a gold stripe down the center.

  2. Fancii folding utility knife. ($14)

    Tony Stark would never be caught without some kind of tool in his EDC loadout, and neither should you. For something so affordable, this folding knife sure packs a lot of style, earning it a spot on this list.

  3. The AVIATOR Slim wallet in Imola Red. (from €60 / ~$72 USD)

    Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this sleek RFID-blocking wallet is a slim, lightweight way to carry cards, cash, and/or coins. But more than that, Tony would love how much attention the thing draws every time it’s pulled out.

  4. OLIGHT Baton 3 1200-lumen rechargeable flashlight. ($65)

    You never know when you’re gonna need a bright light, and this compact LED flashlight is as stylish as they come.

  5. Fisher Red Cherry Space Pen. ($30)

    If anyone can appreciate a beautiful metallic pen that can write anywhere and in any conditions — whether he’s upside-down, underwater, floating in space, in the arctic, etc — it’s Iron Man.

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