Written by

Chris Gonzales


Bobby Stevenson

Humans have been looking up to the stars since time immemorial. We know so much more about them today that you’d think astronomy would be a relatively dead hobby, but we’re just as drawn to it as we ever were.

Whether you actually partake in stargazing or you simply think space is cool, you’ll appreciate at least one of the everyday carry items below.

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  1. Sky Guide AR for Apple Watch. ($3)

    In addition to the neat stuff Sky Guide can do on iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch version has a few neat tricks of its own, including alerts for when the ISS is due to fly over your location, a live satellite view of the sun, and a super accurate moon complication for your watch face.

    Another great option is Luminos, which offers more functionality at a much higher price of $25. (Don’t forget that you’re also paying for the excellent iPhone/iPad app.)

  2. Fisher Telescoping Space Pen. ($30)

    Like all of Fisher’s space pens, this telescoping one can write in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, and in virtually any temperature/climate.

    In compact mode, it’s approx. the same size (3.9″) as their “Bullet” space pen (3.75″), but then the body extends to expose the pen tip, bringing it to a more comfortable 4.75″. When you’re done, retract it back down until it clicks closed.

    See it in action starting from 2:51 of this video.

  3. Wayllshine red LED flashlight. ($10)

    Our eyes take at least 10–20 minutes to “dark adapt”, meaning that any bright white light used nearby while you’re trying to reference a star chart will start the whole process over. Annoying.

    Instead, use a red light flashlight like this one, which allows you to see things in the dark without ruining your night vision.

  4. Mokoyubi “Space Explorer” iron-on patch. ($7)

    Show off your inner stargazer with this cool patch. Put it on your favorite bag, hat, jacket, whatever. You can iron it on, but with anything like this you may have better luck sewing it on.

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