Written by

Chris Gonzales


Farhan Siddicq

Whether you’re the type to perform magic tricks at parties or simply like to surprise people, you’ll appreciate this EDC collection.

* * *


  1. Theory11 Mystery Box: Black Edition Playing Cards. ($10 per deck, or $150 if you include the handcrafted lockbox)

    This deck of cards — designed in collaboration between Theory11 and filmmaker J.J. Abrams — are an ode to magic and mystery.

  2. Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. ($60)

    People tend to either love or hate the “antique leather-bound book” aesthetic of Twelve South’s BookBook family. Either way, you’ve gotta admit it’s a clever way to disguise your iPhone 7. (Read our review here.)

  3. Roberu Short Wallet. (approx. $159 USD + $18 shipping)

    This Japanese-made camel leather wallet sports an interior pouch for a minimal number of knick-knacks you might ever perform simple tricks with — coins, paper clips, rubber bands, a ring, twine, a small matchbook, scraps of paper, etc. Comes in brown, dark brown, navy, or black.

  4. Gearward duct tape keychain. ($20)

    When someone around you says, “I wish I had some duct tape right now,” the last thing they’ll expect is for you to whip out your keys. And yet, that’s exactly how you’ll be able to save the day, thanks to this refillable keychain.

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