Written by

Chris Gonzales


Dev Dodia

You don’t actually need all that much to get up in the morning and go for a run — just your feet and your will. However, you can bring along a few things to make the most of it.

Here are some suggestions.

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  1. Twelve South ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch. ($30)

    Twelve South’s ActionSleeve armband lets you strap an Apple Watch on your upper arm or bicep, which frees up your wrist while still leaving the screen, crown, and button fully viewable and controllable. Since it delivers more constant skin contact on your arm than it would on your wrist, it can actually improve your Apple Watch’s heart rate tracking.

    Our recommended fitness app? Workouts++ 2.0.

  2. Smith Optics “PivLock Arena” Performance Sunglasses. ($60–$159)

    The PivLock Arena sunglasses by Smith Optics are just as awesome for runners as they are for cyclists. They’re lightweight, comfortable to wear, offer excellent coverage and high visibility, and they get the job done in pretty much all conditions.

  3. Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds. ($100)

    The JayBird X3s are an awesome set of Bluetooth earbuds to run with. They sound great, have an in-line mic, boast an 8-hour battery life, and aren’t likely to fall out during your workout, especially since there’s no cable between the buds and your Apple Watch to catch on things.

    Other competitors in this category are the Bose SoundSports ($129) and the Powerbeats3 ($134).

  4. Nathan Peak Waist Pack. ($20–$40)

    It’s not just any fanny pack, it’s a quick-draw holster for your water bottle while you run. It fits nice and snug without getting in your way, allows for easy one-handed access, comes with an 18oz. flask with push/pull race cap, and has a storage pocket for carrying a phone (although large ones with cases may not fit), keys, a protein bar, or some other small essential.

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