Written by

Chris Gonzales


Mike Wilson

We don’t consider ourselves overly obsessive watch collectors like those you meet in certain corners of the internet, but we do love ourselves a nice timepiece. This EDC collection is a celebration of letting your own inner horology nerd shine.

* * *


  1. The Watch Collector’s Notebook by Hodinkee & Baron Fig. ($34)

    A custom version of our favorite hardcover notebook that sports a classy black cover with subtle designs of watch movement components inside, plus interesting facts about watches and time peppered throughout its 192 pages. There’s also a section for listing your “holy grail” watches (we all have them).

  2. Discommon Watch Wallet. ($380)

    An impact-proof place for carrying a backup watch, an additional strap or two, your passport and/or travel tickets, a pen, and more. The 3mm D30 foam core is wrapped in waxed Italian leather with a handsome tweed interior.

  3. Orient “Esteem” open heart watch. ($122)

    Full-on “skeleton” watches — the ones that display all the watch’s internal parts — can be a bit kitschy, not to mention waaaay overpriced at the high end. However, this open heart watch by Orient shows just enough of its inner workings while remaining an elegant-yet-affordable timepiece. We recommend switching out the strap though; it’s a bit on the glossy/cheap-looking side.

  4. Worn & Wound strap-changing multi-tool. ($30)

    A double-ended & capped tool with reversible bits on either side for changing watch straps and more, along with a knurled body for easy grip. The four respective tips of the bits are an 8mm poker, a 1.6mm fork, a 1.4mm flathead screwdriver, and a 1.8mm flathead screwdriver. Comes in your choice of black or olive.

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