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Chris Gonzales

Busy travelers sometimes need ways to escape from reality for a while.

Some prefer to settle in with an interesting book, while others enjoy diving into the alternate world of a video game. This brief EDC guide goes out to the latter.

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  1. Jackery Titan S portable battery pack. ($46)

    Portable gaming requires a lot of juice. With its 20100mAh capacity and USB-C port, this battery pack can quickly charge your Nintendo Switch about 4.5 times, or using either of its two standard USB-A ports, it can charge your iPhone 7 about 10 times.

  2. Bose QuietComfort 20 noise-cancelling earbuds. ($249)

    Whether you’re playing while flying or taking the occasional break while walking around a city, the world is full of noise that will take you out of your game experience. While Bose’s QC20 earbuds don’t cancel sound at the same level as over-ear models, they still do a good job and sound great.

    You can protect and store earbuds like these — along with cables and other small accessories — in the GORUCK Wire Dopp.

  3. The Nintendo Switch. ($299)

    The Switch is the hot gaming console of the moment — for those lucky enough to snag one, anyway. Even earlier today, the gray edition was back in stock on Amazon, but promptly sold out again. No telling when the neon red and blue model (pictured above playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ) will be back in stock either. You just have to keep your ear to the ground, folks.

  4. The iPhone 7. (from $649)

    Whether or not you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, you can always count on your iPhone to be there when you need a quick gaming fix. Pictured above is a puzzle game we’ve been enjoying lately: Typeshift by Zach Gage.

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