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Chris Gonzales


Thomas Kelley

I’m in Walt Disney World as I write this, which has inspired me to put together a small EDC guide for the parks.

You don’t really need to carry a whole lot to have fun at WDW. I’m not including any pocket knives, multi-tools, or even a notebook (unless you intend to get character autographs, then go ahead and bring one) in this brief roundup—just a few useful items to have around while you explore the parks.

(Obviously, you’ll want to also bring a backpack (or some other large bag) for things like sunscreen, ponchos, hats, first-aid kits, and the like. You’ll have to determine what’s best for you and/or your group.)

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  1. Apple Watch Series 2. (from $369)

    Thanks to Apple Pay, make payments everywhere in the parks, MagicBand or no. If you’ve added your FastPass times to your calendar, check them from your wrist easily. Stay up-to-date on potential rainstorms with Dark Sky. Track your walking steps (of which there will be many). Wear it on Splash Mountain without fear of water damage. Check the time with a Mickey Mouse watch face. Must I go on?

  2. True Lemon crystalized lemon packets. ($8 for 100-count box)

    Rather than carry a water bottle around all day, it’s easier to simply go into a counter-service restaurant and ask for a cup of ice water. Sometimes though, that water tastes a little off, so keep a few packets of True Lemon around to add some refreshing lemon flavor (or orange, lime or grapefruit, if those are your thing). You think I’m kidding, but these things are legit.

    The ingredients: Crystallized Orange {Citric Acid, Orange Oil, Orange Juice, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)}, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice. Contains Soy.

  3. Anker’s Premium Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s. ($48)

    For those of us who haven’t yet upgraded to the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6s with the Anker Premium Extended Battery Case is still a great combo. The case offers 130% extra battery life, something you’ll definitely want for shooting all those photos and videos, checking wait times and more with the My Disney Experience app, and keeping in touch with members of your group if you ever split up.

  4. Trove’s “build your own” wallet. (~$49 USD)

    Even if you’re using Apple Pay or a MagicBand to pay for everything, it’s still useful to carry a wallet for things like IDs, Annual Passes, PhotoPass cards, some cash for tipping at certain places, etc. A Trove Wallet handles this job nicely and compactly. It’s also a place where you can store a packet or two of those True Lemon packets mentioned above.

    They’ve got a number of colorways to choose from, but I recommend building your own to get exactly what you want.

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