Written by

Chris Gonzales


Rob Lambert

We get it — your EDC needs can change from time to time. Not to worry, this kit can adapt to different situations as needed.

* * *


  1. The Mod Folio by This Is Ground. ($250–$499 depending on size)

    A leather case for carrying at least one primary gadget plus other small items such as cards, pens, earbuds, and more. What makes it really interesting is that they have line of various inserts that magnetically attach to the inner spine of the folio. Whether you’re a writer, musician, illustrator, designer, or anyone else really, they’ve got an insert that should meet your needs.

  2. KeyBar key organizer. ($45–$95, depending on model)

    Like a multi-tool, but for your keys. Can accomodate up to 12 keys with the provided sets of screws (which you can change out as you like), or you can buy a set of their extension screws to up that number to 14, 24, or even 28 keys.

  3. Wrights Notes customized A5 notebook. ($24 per 2-pack)

    These notebooks are printed to your exact specifications. Engineer? How about graph paper on the left side and lines on right? App designer? How about a blank page on the left and an iPhone template on the right? Musician? How about staves on the left page and lines on the right page? Or, mix-and-match all of these combos and more for the ultimate adaptable notebook.

  4. Mophie “Hold Force” modular case for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. ($40 for case plus $20–$60 per magnetic accessory)

    The slim “base” case sports a built-in magnetic place that lets you attach various compatible accessories on the back side and swap them out as needed. Options include an external battery pack (pictured above), a folio, and a wallet.

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