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Chris Gonzales

There’s a reason so many companies employ the color red in their branding and products: It naturally catches your eye like a magnet.

Feel like standing out from the crowd? Here are some EDC items to help you out.

* * *


  1. TGT Cherry Red Deluxe wallet. ($48)

    The TGT Wallet (pronounced “tight wallet”) sports a compact elastic-and-Italian-leather design that still manages to comfortably fit up to 20 cards and/or some folded cash. Pictured above is the Cherry Red Deluxe.

  2. (PRODUCT)RED Classic Buckle band for Apple Watch. ($149)

    If you’re going to splurge on a calf leather band for your Apple Watch, you might as well choose a stylish color that shows it off. The (PRODUCT)RED version is just the thing.

  3. Pilot MR “Retro Pop” red fountain pen with wave accent. ($17)

    This is a great, stylish, entry-level fountain pen. It’s sleek yet relatively inexpensive, feels solid and natural to write with, and has a generous ink capacity for its small stature. Comes in both fine nib and medium nib versions.

    For best effect, pair it with Montverde’s Ruby ink (scroll down to select it).

  4. Best Made Co. enamel steel keychain. ($14 per keychain; $48 for the full set of four)

    Made from steel that’s been hand-dipped into a porcelain enamel coating, this keychain looks modern but feels vintage. More info here.

  5. iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED (from $699)

    In addition to being the most vibrant iPhone you can get, the purchase of this color — like all (PRODUCT)RED products — contributes directly to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Now that’s bold.

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