Written by

Chris Gonzales


David Goehring

Brass is one of my favorite materials to see products made from. Something about that coppery luster just makes my wallet want to leap out of my pocket and throw itself at the screen whenever I see a gorgeous brass (or even brass-like) trinket.

All but one of the items below is made of brass, together creating quite an eyecatching EDC collection.

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  1. Tactile Turn’s brass “Glider” pen. ($59)

    The major selling point of this pen is the crescent-shaped bolt-action retraction mechanism that can easily be operated single-handed. It’s actually kind of addictive to play with, and you’ll often find yourself with the pen in your hand, click-click-clicking like a fidget toy. Extremely satisfying.

  2. The Apple Watch Series 4 with gold milanese loop. (from $548)

    Okay, so it’s not made of brass, but the gold-colored stainless steel milanese loop fits in with this collection quite beautifully. In any case, it’s the closest you’re going to get without someone making an actual brass one.

  3. Craighill closed-helix brass keyring. ($30)

    This clever keyring is a great way to save yourself from ever having to fuss too much with adding or removing keys. Just unscrew the knurled end, slide your key(s) on or off, then screw the cap back on. Easy peasy.

  4. Three Little Pixies Boutique personalized brass guitar pick. (from $28)

    These brass guitar picks are hand-engraved on one side with a custom message of your choice. Great for your own EDC or as a special gift for the guitar player in your life.

  5. Qbit measuring rod. (from $20)

    Originally a Kickstarter project and designed to be a modern take on the cubit rods of ancient Egypt, this portable measuring tool is a neat little trinket that’s handy to have around whenever and wherever you need to make quick measurements. Comes with a little red adjustable marker for “transferring measurements, making guide marks, measuring depth or simply remembering an important dimension on a trip to the hardware store.”

    Comes in a keychain-friendly short version (3″ or 75mm) or a pen-sized longer one (6″ or 150mm).

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