July 27, 2016

Written by

Chris Gonzales

Just because we’re near the end of July doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate a little US patriotism with our EDC. Besides, it’s an election year, so right now there’s really no such thing as being too late to the party.

Here are a few items to show off your patriotic side, but in a classy way — no need to be all up in everyone’s faces about it.

[Editor’s Note: In our first EDC guide a few weeks ago, we asked for suggestions on how to improve this format. A few readers asked if we could expand on each item a bit rather than simply list them, and we’ve taken that advice to heart. Enjoy!]

* * *



  1. TGT Americana 2.0 wallet. ($36)

    The centerpiece of this collection, so to speak. It combines red, white, and blue elastic with ultrasoft lambskin leather, and keeps a low profile in your front pocket. The deluxe version ($46) sports a double-pocket design that allows you to carry an extra key or other small item(s).

  2. Field Notes “County Fair” edition. ($10 for a 3-pack)

    This is one of the rare limited-edition Field Notes memo books that made it into the company’s regular product lineup. Each three-pack contains a blue, red, and yellow memo book with a US state of your choice on the cover.

  3. Sakura Pigma Micron Red 0.2mm pen. ($4)

    Whether you’re lettering, sketching, writing, or doing craft work, you can’t go wrong with one of these micron pens. This particular one is the red-ink model with a beautiful dark navy case and golden clip.

  4. Daniel Wellington Classic-Collection “Cambridge” watch. ($199)

    Casual yet elegant, this handsome rose gold watch with NATO-style strap is suitable for all occasions.

  5. Red, white, and blue plaid pocket square by The Detailed Male. ($40)

    A simple cotton pocket square with tiny check pattern, accented by a brown leather button at the top.

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