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Chris Gonzales



Wet shaving with a safety razor is a bit like manually brewing coffee: It takes more time and preparation to get the job done, but the daily meditative ritual is well worth it.

If you’ve never dipped a toe into these waters, we’ve listed four quality purchases you can make below to get you started on your shaving journey.

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  1. Rockwell 6C adjustable double-edge safety razor. ($50; comes in your choice of gunmetal or white chrome)

    Rockwell’s 6C razor is an oft-recommended model for newbies to the shaving hobby, and deservedly so. It’s essentially a chromed zinc alloy version of the company’s flagship 6S stainless steel model ($100), which costs double the amount but is the more durable of the two, so it’s up to you how important that is.

    In either case, each razor comes 3 interchangeable plates that offer a total of 6 shave settings (from mild to aggressive), so it can comfortably accommodate every skin type and facial hair length. The knurled handle ensures a solid grip in either hand, even if you’ve gotten a bit of lather on them. The solid heft of the razor also gives an immediate impression of quality.

  2. Marram Co. brush & bowl shaving set. (€175 / ~$194 USD)

    This meticulously designed and made shave set is a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to hold, and a pleasure to use. It includes:

      + The Brush — A weighty, sturdy tool made from solid brass and plated in ammunition-grade chrome, with a handle finished in high-grade black rubber for excellent grip, even when wet. The soft bristles are made of silvertip badger hair, so you know you’re in for a treat every time you shave.

      + The Bowl — This tall, uniquely shaped bowl not only fits well in the hand, it’s also made from two layers of metal: The outer layer is spun from solid brass before being chrome-plated with a high-gloss finish, while the inner dish is brushed in a way that creates lather-maximizing friction with the brush.

    When you’re not using the set, the brush docks perfectly onto the bowl lid via the circular notch in its middle, creating a kind of sharp, statuesque look wherever you store it.

  3. Geo F. Trumper’s “Limes” shaving cream. ($20)

    Quality shaving tools demand an accompanying shaving cream that smells good and feels luxurious. The “Limes” shaving cream by Geo F. Trumper — a traditional, London-based barber company we discovered via this video years ago — is one such cream.

    The lime scent is delicate and pleasant without lingering too long or overpowering any cologne/aftershave you put on, plus the soft lather it produces is quite moisturizing, all of which makes for a more enjoyable shaving experience. A single tub should last you several trips before you have to stock up again.

    Prefer a stronger lime presence? Then Castle Forbes’ cream with lime essential oil ($36) might be more up your alley.

  4. “Total Shaving Solution” natural shave oil. ($18 for 36.8 ml bottle)

    Some days you just don’t feel like dealing with lathering up a cup of shaving cream. Not to worry — with just 3–4 drops of this shave oil and some plain water, you can get the closest, smoothest, and easiest shave you have ever had in your life. Once applied, the razor will simply glide over your skin — it’s like magic.

    If you somehow find that the oil alone isn’t cutting it though (pun intended), it does work quite nicely as a pre-shaving-cream application.