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Chris Gonzales

Everyone loves wearing a nice watch.

Whether you’re wearing one in the office, in the great outdoors, or while attending a formal event, a nice watch can make or break your attire for the occasion. Here is a small sampling of our favorites.

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The Daniel Wellington "Classic Collection" NATO-strap watch. ($175 for [36mm](https://www.danielwellington.com/us/classic-36), $195 for [40mm](https://www.danielwellington.com/us/classic-40))

The Daniel Wellington “Classic Collection” NATO-strap watch. ($175 for 36mm, $195 for 40mm)

Daniel Wellington “Classic Collection” NATO-Strap Watches »

Casual yet elegant, these handsome watches with NATO-style straps — all of which are named after British towns — are suitable for all occasions. They’re available in rose gold (the clear winner) or silver, and come in 40mm and 36mm sizes.

The upcoming Sandford watch by Oak & Oscar. ($1,850; expected to ship in Fall 2016)

The upcoming Sandford watch by Oak & Oscar. ($1,850; expected to ship in Fall 2016)

Oak & Oscar “Sandford” Watch »

Whereas Oak & Oscar’s previous — and now sold-out — watch, The Burnham, was named for Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, their upcoming timepiece, The Sanford, is inspired by engineer and inventor Sir Sandford Fleming, who first proposed the insitution of a worldwide standard time.

The Sandford is a 40mm watch featuring an automatic Swiss movement with an independent GMT hand and an internal rotating bezel. This is a great watch for constant travelers, because whatever one’s local time happens to be, they’ll always have that second time zone on their wrist to check against.

As with the Burnham, the Sandford comes with a watch wallet/portfolio made from the same buttery Horween leather as the watch strap, lined with 100% wool felt, and includes three detachable suede pouches to hold a few of your favorite watch straps (plus a strap tool).

Citizen's Eco-Drive stainless steel watch with green canvas band. ($124)

Citizen’s Eco-Drive stainless steel watch with green canvas band. ($124)

Citizen “Eco-Drive” Stainless Steel Watch »

When it comes to watches you can go uber-fancy, or you can stick with the classics. The Eco-Drive by Citizen is an example of the latter. On the surface, it merely tells you the time and date; nothing more.

However, it does offer a couple of neat bonuses in the form of 1) water resistance to a depth of 330 feet, and 2) the ability to stay recharged from just about any light source, so you’ll never have to think about charging it or replacing the battery.

Analog Watch Co.'s "Carpenter Collection" watches. ($150)

Analog Watch Co.’s “Carpenter Collection” watches. ($150)

Analog Watch Co. “Carpenter Collection” Watches »

Who says watches can’t be a little more…natural? Analog Watch Co.’s “Carpenter Collection” watches are eco-friendly, gender-neutral timepieces with bodies CNC-carved from solid pieces of wood, with bands comprised of a flexible wooden veneer supported by leather underneath. Comes in a variety of wood types.

The Apple Watch. (from $299)

The Apple Watch. (from $299)

The Apple Watch »

The Apple Watch is a unique device. It’s a beautiful watch that not only tells time, but also acts as a companion to your other Apple devices. It’s a great fitness tracker, plus a great way to control your iPhone music, quickly view your calendar appointments quickly, scan your messages, and more.

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