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As with our Christmas Catalogs and Novelty Gift Guides, we have an annual tradition of compiling a list of great stocking stuffers to supplement any big holiday gift purchases you make.

The majority of these items are $30 or less, so we hope you’ll find at least one item within your budget here. Enjoy!

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Fisher Telescoping Space Pen »

Like all of Fisher’s space pens, this telescoping one can write in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, and in virtually any temperature/climate.

In compact mode, it’s approximately the same size (3.9″) as their “Bullet” space pen (3.75″), but then the body extends to expose the pen tip, bringing it to a more comfortable 4.75″. When you’re done, retract it back down until it clicks closed.

See it in action starting from 2:51 of this video:

The Cruiser Compass by Best Made Co. ($168)

The Cruiser Compass by Best Made Co. ($168)

Best Made Co. Cruiser Compass »

A German-engineered “lensatic” style instrument that ensures rapid and exact navigational readings to fractions of a degree. Sports a glow-in-the-dark rotating bezel , a flip-up prism sight, an integrated bubble level, and a flip-up clinometer for measuring gradients.

Trayvax's "Shift" wallet comb. ($26)

Trayvax’s “Shift” wallet comb. ($26)

Trayvax “Shift” Wallet Comb »

Trayvax’s dual-sided, stainless steel “Shift” wallet comb will keep both your hair and wallet stylish. Its polished finish and tapered teeth (in both wide and fine arrangements) makes for easy detangling without catching or pulling. And of course, it has an integrated bottle opener.

Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker & key finder. ($20 for one, $58 for a 4-pack, or $109 for an 8-pack)

Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker & key finder. ($20 for one, $58 for a 4-pack, or $109 for an 8-pack)

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker & Key Finder »

The Tile Mate is the thinner, lighter successor to the (now-discontinued) 2nd-gen Tile Bluetooth tracker. If you’re unfamiliar with Tile, it’s like “Find My iPhone” but for your stuff. You attach the little square gadget to your key ring, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, and then it works like this:

  1. If you can’t find whatever the Tile’s attached to, use their companion app to locate the device (as long as its within Bluetooth range) or view its last-known location on a map. When you’re within range, the app can “ring” the Tile so it plays a chime until you’ve tracked it down.
  2. If you can’t find your phone but have your Tile on hand, press its button and your phone will ring, even on silent.
  3. If you mark an out-of-range Tile as lost using the app’s “Notify When Found” feature, everyone else who has the app installed can anonymously help you find it. If they come into range with your Tile, you get pinged about its location and they get notified that they helped someone find their stuff. Pretty awesome, and this will only get more powerful as more people get on board with Tile.

Their promo video sums it all up nicely:

The Keyport "Pivot" key organizer + multi-tool. ($20)

The Keyport “Pivot” key organizer + multi-tool. ($20)

Keyport “Pivot” Key Organizer + Multi-tool »

The Keyport Pivot is an all-metal keyholder that doubles as a modular and customizable EDC tool.

Constructed from an anodized aluminum chassis with stainless steel components, the Pivot starts with the same idea behind the KeyBar — a key organizer that prevents jangling noise and offers a variety of tools and accessories — but offers its own module/insert options, such as…

Moreover, every Keyport Pivot comes with a free two-year subscription to the company’s KeyportID service (a newer form of their incentivized lost-and-found program), which is pretty cool.

Comes in black, red, or silver.. Some modules and inserts are only available on Keyport’s site.

Antsy Labs' official Fidget Cube. ($10–$12)

Antsy Labs’ official Fidget Cube. ($10–$12)

Antsy Labs Official Fidget Cube »

Antsy Labs’ ultra-popular (and unfortunately overly imitated) six-sided doodad has a bunch of built-in toys to fidget with. The sides’ respective names — Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll, and Spin — give an idea of what it can do.

Don’t settle for cheap knockoffs; get the real thing from the people who actually invented it. They’ve got plenty of color options available.

Worn & Wound's watch strap changing multi-tool. ($30)

Worn & Wound’s watch strap changing multi-tool. ($30)

Worn & Wound Strap-Changing Multi-tool »

Got a watch collector in your life? This double-ended & capped tool uses reversible bits on either side to change watch straps and more, and features a knurled body for easy grip. The four respective tips of the bits are an 8mm poker, a 1.6mm fork, a 1.4mm flathead screwdriver, and a 1.8mm flathead screwdriver. Comes in your choice of black or olive.

For an even smaller version, check out their $20 keychain tool.

Convoy Co. leather key fob. ($8)

Convoy Co. leather key fob. ($8)

Convoy Co. Leather Key Fob »

When it comes to style, sometimes it’s the little accents that make a big difference. For example, this leather key fob from Convoy Co. doesn’t have much practical use, but it sure makes your key ring look good — adding a small touch of class without screaming, Look at me!

The tan version is made from genuine Italian cowhide (which will age beautifully), while the black and grey versions are made from leather sourced from New Zealand. In all cases, the split key ring is made from heavy-duty gunmetal.

Navy blue traditional plaid wool pocket square by The Detailed Male. ($40)

Navy blue traditional plaid wool pocket square by The Detailed Male. ($40)

Navy Blue Traditional Plaid Wool Pocket Square by The Detailed Male »

The Detailed Male is an Etsy shop that sells pocket squares in a variety of colors and patterns to lend some extra class to any outfit. Their navy blue traditional plaid wool pocket square in particular is the perfect complement to one’s holiday attire, while this red, white, and blue one adds a touch of Americana for spring and summer wear.

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