Grubstick Campfire Roasting Kit

My family and I have been doing a lot of campfires lately. It’s just part of the deal when it’s summertime and you’re living from campground to campground. In that spirit, the Grubstick kit is exactly the sort of thing we’ve been looking for.

This kit features a telescoping roasting stick with interchangeable attachments for cooking hot dogs, s’mores, and more. The “Grubfork” attachment is a typical roasting fork for skewering marshmallows and hot dogs/hot links/bratwurst, while the “Grubcage” is useful for roasting entire s’mores (or veggies, if that’s your thing).

The stick extends from 34.25″ to 38.25″ with attachments. Also included is a “release tool” for safely opening the Grubcage while it’s hot. Everything in the kit is dishwasher-safe, and it comes with a drawstring backpack for easy travel.

You can see how it all works in their overview video:

Get the Grubstick kit for $20 on Amazon.