Grosche “Aberdeen” Teapot & Water Infuser

Despite having a company name that sounds like it was exclaimed by Sean Connery, the Aberdeen teapot + infuser by GROSCHE is a simple and fun way to brew hot or iced loose-leaf tea, or to infuse water with fruit/herbal flavors. Actually, it’s quite similar to the IngenuiTEA bottom-dispensing teapot that now seems to be no longer available on Amazon.

The process is pretty self-explanatory: Add your tea leaves (or whatever you plan to flavor your water with), pour in some hot or cold water, let the mixture steep a few minutes, then place the brewer on top of your drinking vessel of choice to lift the release plate. After your beverage filters through to the cup below, you can clean out the teapot and repeat the process all over again as needed.


It’s made from shatterproof Tritan plastic rather than glass, so it should hold up for many brews. The fine mesh filter is also a removable piece that has a long stem so you can easily grip it when it’s time to clean the thing.

Get the 17.7 fl oz Grosche Aberdeen teapot for $25 on Amazon in your choice of black, red, or clear. They also offer a 34 fl oz version for brewing larger batches.