GRILLART “SteamWizards” Bristle-Free Steam-Cleaning Grill Brush

Cleaning your grill after each use is a vital part of owning one, for a number of health, sanitation, and even fire safety reasons. However, those wire brushes used by most people are increasingly becoming known as health hazards of their own, because the thin metal bristles can become fall loose and eventually get lodged in the foods you cook, leading to potential injuries (sometimes life-altering ones) in your mouth, throat, intestines, etc.

Don’t put the safety of yourself or others at risk. Use a bristle-free grill cleaning brush like this one instead, which uses the power of hot steam to clean your grill without leaving steel fibers behind.


The removable brush pad (which is dishwasher safe) is essentially a fire-retardant foam sponge wrapped in an aramid fiber cloth, which you dunk in water before applying to the grill surface, generating a bunch of steam that loosens gunk so it wipes away easily.

For particularly stubborn buildup, the head of the handle has different-shaped scraping surfaces you can use to get the hardened grime off prior to steam-cleaning.


As I write this on June 15th, 2024 this bristle-free grill brush is listed for $45 on Amazon (down from its usual $70), making it another excellent Father’s Day gift. When it comes time to swap out the sponge head down the line, replacement pads are $20.