The Griffin Pocket Tool

The Griffin Pocket Tool would likely be an invaluable (and totally sweet-looking) addition to your keyring. It’s got 11 tools packed into one sleek design:


Here’s the list in text form for accessibility purposes:

  • Bottle opener
  • Pocket clip
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Scoring tool
  • Pry tool
  • ¼” bit driver
  • 5/16″ hex wrench
  • 4mm hex wrench
  • 5mm hex wrench
  • 6mm hex wrench
  • 7mm hex wrench

The whole thing can easily attach to your keyring, which can then be kept solidly in place thanks to that deep pocket clip built into the tool.

It comes in a number of metals like stainless steel ($25), titanium ($45), and brass ($35), but for my money, it looks best in copper ($45):


They also offer a mini-sized version that offers all the same tools, just with a shorter pocket clip for an even more pocket-friendly profile.