‘Grids & Guides’ — Notebooks for Visual Thinkers

Created with visual thinkers and curious learners in mind, Grids & Guides is a series of clothbound hardcover notebooks that each contain eight different grid paper patterns repeated across 144 pages — an interesting way to get your creative juices flowing, I’d say — plus 16 more pages full of scientific charts and infographics that are unique to the particular color you buy:

  • The black edition focuses on matters such as the Periodic Table, alternative alphabets, and Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  • The red edition, on the other hand, gives various examples of knot-tying along with logic expressions.
  • The orange edition covers hazard symbols, chromosomes, human muscular systems, cetaceans, gears, world data, particle physics, and sound/hearing.
  • The navy edition offers details on weaving patterns, pulley systems, map projections, and cell biology.
  • The gray edition features full-color infographics about things like the human circulatory system and the geologic time scale.
  • The “eco” edition is made from post-consumer recycled paper and is the only one of the bunch that isn’t clothbound, with a focus on green living, backyard biodiversity, decoding recycling symbols, calculating your carbon footprint, and more.
From the red edition.

From the red edition.

Whether you consider yourself left- or right-brained, every flavor of these notebooks has something to get you thinking and ideating away. Plus you might just learn something new.

From the navy edition.

From the navy edition.

All colors of the Grids & Guides notebook are $17 or below on Amazon.