Green Bell G-1008 “Takumi no Waza” Nail Clipper

We’re no strangers to well-made nail clippers around here, but even we can be taken by surprise when we come across something of an especially unique quality. Such is the case with the Takumi no Waza nail clippers by Japanese company Green Bell.

Manufactured in Seki, a city historically reknowned for being the epicenter of Japanese swordmaking and more modernly known as the capital of high-end cutlery and other sharp tools, these nail clippers exude all the craftsmanship and dedication to quality that have made their hometown so famous over the centuries.

In fact, takumi no waza (匠の技) — sometimes romanized as takuminowaza or takumi-no-waza — roughly translates to “master craftsmanship” or “the expertise of artisans,” and once you use these clippers, you’ll see this is not a phrase Green Bell uses lightly:

They have a whole bunch of models, with the G-1008 model arguably being the most “classic” choice.

They cleanly cut through even the thickest nails like butter, with far less pressure needed than you’re probably used to with cheap drugstore clippers. They also just look cooler than most nail clippers. It’s not uncommon to hear people say these are the best clippers they’ve ever used.

Get the G-1008 model for $20 on Amazon. If your personal requirements include a catcher to keep nails from flying, get the G-1200.

Side note: My understanding is that the G-1205 model is the upgraded edition of the classic G-1008, but the difference seems to be rather minimal. They are a little cheaper as I write this (currently $14), so that might sway you one way or the other.