Gravel “Layover” Travel Blanket

The “Layover” by Gravel is a packable insulated blanket for taking absolutely anywhere — road trips, concerts, flights, the beach, sporting events, movie theaters, picnics…you name it. It stuffs down into small, lightweight travel pillow that fits in your bag without fuss, and then when you need it, unfurls into a comfy blanket that measures 66″ x 40″.


As Chase Reeves points out in his recent gift guide video, there are lots of little features that make the Layover blanket so awesome: the salon-style neck snap that keeps it from sliding off you, the dual pouches at the bottom that your feet can slide into for similar reasons, the microfleece-lined “kangaroo pouch” your hands can rest in and stay warm, and the ability to snap multiple Layovers together to create a larger blanket for two or more people to snuggle under.

It may not be quite as insulating as, say, the Down Blanket by Rumpl, but in most situations you’ll find it keeps you plenty warm and cozy. It’s definitely one of the more thoughtfully designed travel blankets I’ve seen.

Get the Gravel Layover Blanket for $129 on Amazon in your choice of Blue, Gray, or Stone.