Graphic Tees by Eric Geusz (aka @spacegoose)

Eric “spacegoose” Geusz is an artist and software engineer perhaps best known on the internet for his “Spaceship Things” series of artwork, where he takes everyday objects and illustrates them as…well, spaceships:


A couple days ago, he put up a TeePublic store with a half-dozen or so t-shirt designs, ranging from the Sriracha Ship (also in lineart form) to a space taqueria (which has its own sketched version) to a few amusing cat prints — Rocket Cat, Science Cat, and Space Cat, respectively.

The shirts are usually $20 a pop, but as I write this (on May 11th, 2019), he’s got a sale for the next 18 hours or so where each one is just $13. Check ’em out!