Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights

No one should have to live, work, or play in a drab, lifeless room. Who could ever be inspired or have fun in a place like that?

One of the best ways to quickly introduce some colorful ambiance is to install these LED light strips by Govee, which make use of RGBIC technology to simultaneously display multiple colors at once along a single strip light, rather than you having to pick only one hue at a time.


Thanks to that RGBIC functionality, you can experience a whole kaleidoscope of colors glowing from wherever the lights are placed, whether they’re in the corners of a room, behind a TV or gaming station, or from under a desk or other piece of furniture.


The light strips are controlled via the Govee Home app, where you have access to a library of both community-submitted and AI-created lighting effects/themes to suit any occasion or holiday.

You can get the strip lights in a variety of lengths:

There’s also a “smarter” version that works with Alexa and Google Assistant, but you’ll pay a bit more for it.