Govee Neon Rope Light 2

Nanoleaf isn’t the only company releasing new smart lighting solutions this week. Today, Govee’s new Neon Rope Light 2 is hitting the market with a bang, offering an upgraded version of its predecessor with some exciting new features.

Retaining its signature flexibility in an even softer material than before — plus some upgraded bend clips that allow you to create your desired shape in advance — this highly customizable smart rope light is 14% more bendable than the previous version, so it can be all the more easily arranged into various shapes on your wall or elsewhere.


Once installed, it makes for some colorfully diffuse accent lighting behind your TV/workspace/gaming station, or it can become a vibrant outline around other objects, or whatever else your heart desires.

Be as creative and playful as you want:


…or simply tie the design into your interests in a cool way:


One of the most significant enhancements in version 2 is the addition of Matter support, allowing seamless integration with various smart home ecosystems. This expanded compatibility means you can effortlessly control your lighting setup via Siri/HomeKit, the Govee Home app, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

(It’s worth noting however that the light strip does not support 5G Wi-Fi.)


One thing I like about these flexible rope lights is that you can combine them with other light panel shapes to pull off some seriously sick designs:

Image: u/Ya_xie on Reddit, using the original Neon Rope Light a year ago.

Image: u/Ya_xie on Reddit, using the original Neon Rope Light a year ago.

Moreover, this innovative light strip boasts shape mapping and recognition technology. With the help of your smartphone camera, the app can apply various DIY lighting effects seamlessly across different lighting segments, allowing you to create a personalized ambiance tailored to your preferences.

Additionally, the AI Lighting Bot, which uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to take user input (from text, voice, and/or image data) to generate captivating lighting effects through extensive data training, ensuring a dynamic illumination experience.


Create the perfect atmosphere and illuminate your space in style with the Govee Neon Rope Light 2, which comes in two lengths and colorways: