GORUCK Simple Windbreaker

Do we like GORUCK products here at T&T? You bet we do. So last week when they announced the release of their new Simple Windbreaker, we were all ears.

In their own words, this is the “only windbreaker that looks just as good in a dive bar as it does in a mud pit.” It’s light and comfortable enough to wear out and about, yet tough and abrasion-resistant enough to handle being rained on and dragged through the mud. The fabric is fast-drying, so you could complete a GORUCK Challenge in it, rinse it off afterward, and by the time you show up to the bar later, no one will be the wiser.

Two points of note:

  1. The two front pockets do not have zippers.
  2. There is no hood.

If you’re not bothered by those quibbles, the Simple Windbreaker is $90 at GORUCK.