Google Photos

Over at The Sweet Setup, Google Photos was chosen at the best cloud management solution for photos. It was chosen for it’s low cost, ease of use, and helpful features.

I’ve been using Google Photos since it was released, and it’s exactly what I want in a photo management solution. While Apple’s iCloud Photos is really well-done and built right into OS X and iOS, I prefer Google Photos for my photo management solution. It allows me to keep my photos organized in the Finder, but gives me the flexibility of also having everything in a powerful cloud service.

While the free version does include slight compression, I don’t mind this since these aren’t my main copies (I don’t recommend anyone trust any cloud service with their only copies). Google’s iOS and web apps offer some fun extras like turning photos into GIFs and creating “stories” around specific events.

In short, Google Photos offers the best of both worlds: local organization plus a great cross-platform viewing experience.

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