After a massively successful Kickstarter campaign back in January 2015, the GOAT STORY coffee mug is now available on Amazon for anyone to buy.

It’s a mug-slash-fashion-accessory with an interesting inspiration: the Ethiopian goats that allegedly discovered coffee berries centuries ago. It’s shaped like a goat horn, which seems like it’d be completely useless when you want to set the cup down, except that its included sleeve doubles as a stand on any flat surface:

The GOAT mug’s unique (and ergonomic) horn shape makes it easy to drink to the last drop. It also comes with a set of two straps — one long and one short — so you can carry it on your wrist, wear it across your shoulders, or attach it to your bag. It’s certainly on the hipster-y side, sure, but pretty neat nonetheless.

There are several version/size combinations to choose from:

The GOAT mug is $30–$37 on Amazon.