Glorious Gaming’s “Model O 2” Ultralight Gaming Mice

Glorious Gaming, the same team behind that Mouse Bungee cable management arm I wrote about some months ago, also offer a pair of high-performance gaming mice known together as “Model O 2”, which are successors to the original “Model O” from 2019.


Available in both wired and wireless editions, these mice boast ultralight body designs — weighing in at just 59 grams and 68 grams, respectively — that allow for faster movements and aiming with less wear-and-tear on your wrist and hand. Despite this lightness, their builds are robust and hold up to the rigors of intense gaming sessions.

Both models are equipped with a BAMF 2.0 optical sensor (essentially a rebranded PixArt PAW3395) that offers a tracking speed of 650 IPS, acceleration of 50G, and resolution up to 26,000 DPI. On the aesthetics side, the mice offer customizable RGB lighting that shines throughout their shells and gives them a futuristic look.


While the O 2 mice are marketed as “ambidextrous,” and in form factor alone you could technically say that, the side buttons are placed on only one side (left) so that is a point of functionality to consider if you play left-handed.


Get the O 2 wired for $65 and the O 2 wireless for $80. Both come in your choice of white or black.