‘Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions’ for iOS

Photo: TouchArcade

When my friends and I discovered the original Geometry Wars game for Xbox in our junior year of high school, little did we know just how much time we would spend trying to top one anothers’ high scores (and, let’s face it, staring at the pretty explosions). We were addicted.

Which is why it’s almost scary to me that a new version is now available or iOS: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Apologies in advance to my productivity.

Whereas previous entries in the franchise have taken place on a 2D rectangular grid, Dimensions places you on a variety of 3D map shapes — spheres, rhombuses (rhombi?), etc. Aside from that, the basic gameplay is pretty much the same as ever. Fly around with the left stick, shoot directionally with the right. Avoid getting hit as long as possible, rack up points. Use bombs when things get bad. You know the deal.

Get a feel for the game by watching the trailer:

So far I’ve been having a blast playing Dimensions on my iPhone 5s and, in a way, reliving the good old days. Haven’t tried it on iPad yet but it’s on my list.

Get Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions for $5 on the App Store.