GenSwin Remote-Controlled Flameless Candles with Moving Wicks

For all the cool lighting solutions that exist today, nothing quite beats the cozy ambiance that a candle provides. The problem is, you have to keep replacing them when they run out of fuel, and they’re a fire hazard that can all too easily result in a burned-down home, especially if you have kids or pets around to knock one over.

But what if you didn’t need an actual flame to get that warm, flickering glow? What if you could realistically simulate it instead? That’s where flameless candles like these come in.

These aren’t those little flickering LED tea light pucks that no one could confuse for a real candle. Instead, the “flame” here is actually a teardrop-shaped piece of plastic that wiggles around and is lit from below, creating a suprisingly lifelike candle wick effect when viewed from afar.

This YouTube short shows the type of effect I’m talking about:

Use the included remote to fire up (heh) a few of these candles around a dark room, and the space will instantly have a cozier, more inviting feel. Any guests you have over won’t even know the candles are artificial unless they peer too closely. (I suppose the lack of burning smell is also a giveaway, but still.)

Get a set of three candles + remote control for around $26 on Amazon depending on what color you go with.