GE Profile “Opal 2.0” Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Look, what I’m about to mention isn’t one of those kitchen appliances that most people need. But if you’re serious about ice in a way most people aren’t, then you’re exactly the target market for the Opal 2.0 countertop ice maker.

Nugget ice is just about the best form frozen water can take, in my opinion. Here are my reasons:

  • It’s fun and satisfying to chew, even if you have sensitive gums (or you like going directly against your orthodontist’s advice).
  • It chills drinks faster than bigger, more solid chunks of ice can.
  • It often retains the flavor of those drinks after the liquid itself is gone.
  • It’s easier to make impromptu ice packs with.
  • It doesn’t make annoying clinking sounds in your glass. (Sensory overload is a thing, people.)
  • It’s way easier for a blender to handle when making smoothies and “frozen” cocktails.

Need I go on?

I grew up in Sonic country where it was easy to get your hands on a bunch of nugget ice anytime you wanted, but not everyone is so lucky. Even now you may not necessarily live near such a place — your best bet might be a convenience store fountain machine — or maybe you don’t have an ice maker at all, just trays in the freezer.

Whatever the case, the Opal 2.0 is an awesome way to satisfy those nugget ice cravings whenever you want. It can produce a pound of ice per hour and holds up to 48 ounces (3 lbs) of it at a time, with excess meltwater continually being recycled to make fresh, chewable ice again and again.


The ice doesn’t clump so it’s always easy to scoop out what you need without having to smash it first, and the machine can be controlled via Wi-Fi to schedule ice-making or turn on the machine when you’re away from home. It’s just super neat all around.


You can get the Opal 2.0 with a side tank ($609) if your family goes through ice super quickly or you don’t want to have to refill the machine as often, or you can go without a side tank ($599) and save a few bucks. The former option is really the far better deal IMHO.