GCI Outdoor “RoadTrip Rocker” Outdoor Rocking Chair

In my neverending search for the perfect RV-friendly folding chair, and after trying a bunch of my friends’ chairs over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy being able to rock back and forth while sitting outside or chatting around a campfire.

So, I’ve set my sights on GCI Outdoor’s “RoadTrip Rocker” chair, which is a full-size rocking chair that can be folded down for easy storage or tossing into the car trunk for beach days and such. (Here in Florida, it’s been sunny enough for such things, despite technically being winter still.)

Rather than resting on curved legs, the RoadTrip Rocker uses spring-loaded shocks to simulate the same kind of movement, regardless of the kind of surface it’s sitting on. Which is super nice for those of us who move between campgrounds a lot and never know if we’re going to end up on rocky, sandy, woodsy, or {insert other condition} ground.


I also like that it’s a fairly high-backed chair, although not quite tall enough to rest your head on — my one quibble really. The nylon mesh backing lets air flow pretty freely too, so you’re not sitting there overheating. And lastly, the cupholder attached to the right side of the seat is large enough to hold a 30 oz. YETI tumbler, which is great.

Get the RoadTrip Rocker chair for $70 on Amazon in your choice of “Midnight” (dark blue) or “Hunter” (dark green).