Gantri Plant-Based “Cantilever Table Lamp”

Sometimes in the course of writing posts here on T&T, I get to learn a cool new thing. Like the fact that there’s a San Francisco-based company that produces their own corn- and sugarcane-based plastic substitutes (aka Gantri Plant Polymers), which they’re using to 3D-print a bunch of interesting-looking lighting solutions for home and office use.

Take their Cantilever Table Lamp, for example. Those aformentioned plant-based materials it’s made from are nontoxic and sustainably farmed, and they offer a high level of durability and temperature resistance reminiscent of traditional plastics like ABS and PET — without the “feels bad, man” of producing or buying them.


But even without all the nifty eco-friendly material stuff, this is just a neat-looking lamp! I’d even call it cute, in a Marvin the Paranoid Android sort of way. The diffuse light globe sits off-center from its matte-painted base, which comes in a handful of color options. Its warm light is also dimmable via the in-line switch about 18″ from the base.


Bring a little whimsy into your space with this eco-friendly lamp, which runs for $98 at the Gantri website. You can also find it at the MoMA online store for the same price.