FusionCast — A Dead-Simple Podcast Video Generator for Mac

Do you host or produce a podcast that you wish were accessible on video platforms like YouTube? The idea of learning a full-on video editing suite for this one seemingly simple task feels pretty daunting, doesn’t it?

Well you don’t have to worry about that with Guilherme Rambo’s new app for macOS, FusionCast. It makes the process of turning podcasts into videos easier than you ever thought possible. Simply drag your audio file and artwork into the app, choose one of the simple animation effects, set the quality you want, and hit “Export”.

Go make yourself a coffee while it does its magic*, and when you come back, you’ve got a nice little video saved and ready to go. Upload it wherever you like and start getting those sweet, sweet video views.

* From the developer: “The app takes full advantage of your Mac’s CPU and GPU cores, so exporting a 2-hour-long episode can take as little as 8 minutes on a 16″ MacBook Pro.”

Making a quality podcast is already an involved enough process, so don’t let this video conversion thing be yet another stumbling block between you and your potential audience. Just grab FusionCast and make your life a dozen times easier.

Get it for $8 on the Mac App Store, or you can buy it directly from the official website for $7.