FOSHIO Plastic Razor Blade Scraper

I once learned the hard way that using a metal razor blade to remove tint from a car window is a surefire way to scratch the glass more than anything. Same goes for getting decals and stickers off of any painted surface, whether it’s a regular vehicle or an RV.

Discovering these plastic razor blades was something of a revelation for me. They look much like the interchangeable blades you’d insert into a utility knife or cutting tool — or even the ones used in safety razors — but they’re much softer and safer to use on sensitive surfaces you’d rather not damage in the process, like glass, paint, wood, tile, or RV fiberglass.

Have you ever been cleaning and found that your finger nail was just the right stiffness to remove some bit of grime without damaging the surface? But you don’t actually want to tear up your nails cleaning nasty gunk? Well, this will do it.

“Feshy” (Amazon reviewer)

These guys are awesome for taking off stickers, decals, adhesives, caulking, hardened candle wax messes, 3D printer resin, and more. They also have the added benefit of being less dangerous to wield since they’re duller than metal blades and won’t easily slash your fingers if you slip.


FOSHIO sells these tools in two-packs (plus 100 replacement blades) for $11 on Amazon. They’ve got a bunch of colors to choose from too.