Fluxmob Bolt

Wall chargers for mobile phones aren’t exactly huge or unwieldy, but coupled with cables and all the other accessories you might need to carry, they aren’t invisible. The Fluxmob Bolt relieves some of the mess by combining a wall charger with a 3000mAh portable USB battery.

Coated in a soft rubber exterior, the compact charger and battery makes for a perfect travel item. The built-in flip out electrical outlet prongs also make recharging the Bolt as simple as plugging into the wall — compared with having to use a microUSB cable like most other external batteries. The Bolt displays available battery power with four LEDs on the front, activated with a touch of the button underneath. The button also serves as a passthrough or power button if you don’t need the battery.

With its compact size, the Bolt isn’t just useful because it adds features; it can legitimately replace your existing wall charger without feeling like you’re sacrificing anything.

$60 on Amazon.