Fluid – Turn Websites Into Apps

I am a big fan of the native Twitter experience (I know I am in the minority), so I was disappointed when they discontinued their macOS app. I tried using some third-party apps, but I missed group DMs and Twitter Moments. I also don’t like having to use the Twitter website because I like keeping it separate from what I am doing on the web. To find a middle ground, I used Fluid to turn Twitter.com into a Mac app

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 5.59.34 AM

Using Fluid, Twitter.com is a standalone app that stays logged in, has all the keyboard shortcuts I need, and all of the native Twitter features I need. Fluid is free, and with a $4.99 upgrade, you can pin apps to your macOS menu bar and take them full screen. You can use fluid for other websites like Gmail, Pandora, and Basecamp as well.

Download Fluid for free.