Floating Cloud Lamp

Sometimes, my duty here at Tools & Toys is to link to a super cool item that might not necessarily be within the realm of quote-unquote “normal” or the purview of any mere mortal’s budget. Today is one of those times.


This floating “cloud” lamp — designed by the Richard Clarkson Studio in Brooklyn, NYC — is a magnetically levitating LED lamp designed to look like…well, a cloud. Embedded magnetic components in both the cloud and the always-plugged-in base allow the former to float ~2.75″ above the latter. The cloud can rotate, bob up and down, and even light up in a myriad of colors or thunderstorm-like patterns, making the whole thing surreal to look at:

{Infomercial voice} And that’s not all! Check it out:

While the Cloud itself does not have a speaker, it will react to your existing sound system as well as spoken voice and loud sounds. An embedded microphone allows the Cloud to flash to the beat of the music in four different styles. The Cloud also has a range of ambient lamp modes in both white and colored versions. Each of these modes is controlled via an infrared remote.


Basically, this thing is nuts and would look amazing anywhere you put it.

The kicker? It costs $4,620. Obviously not something most individuals are going to buy. I imagine that companies with hip workspaces are the target market for this kind of thing — but hey, if you do decide to buy it for yourself alone, more power to you.

For more info, read about the lamp here, see more photos here, or (gulp) head directly to the purchase page here.