FlipFork “Boss” 5-in-1 Grill Spatula

The FlipFork “Boss” spatula is a 5-in-1 grilling multi-tool that, in addition to letting you flip foods like you would with any spatula, also comes with…

  • A fork for skewering (and occasionally flipping) foods that don’t always play well with spatulas, like sausage links
  • A serrated edge for tenderizing meats
  • A very sharp knife edge that can easily cut through beef, chicken, pork, whatever
  • And of course, a bottle opener for cracking open a brew while you tend to your grilling duties


Best part is, when the job’s done, you only have one utensil to wash. Which brings me to the water-resistant properties of the Australian acacia wood handle, which is plenty durable enough to withstand your grilling duties and then goes in the dishwasher without a problem. Of course, if you’d prefer to take the gentler handwashing route, that’s just fine too.

Get the FlipFork Boss for $23 on Amazon.