Flip-It! Bottle Emptying Kits

It seems a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but you and I both know it’s so annoying getting near the end of a bottle of something — whether it’s a condiment, a hair product, a cleaning product, or what-have-you — and being faced with the task of trying to get the rest of it out before the container goes in the recycle bin.

“Trying” being the operative word, because a lot of these things aren’t designed to sit upside-down very well, and there’s only so much shaking and slamming you can do before the job becomes more annoying than it’s worth.

That’s where Flip-It! bottle emptying kits come into play. These nifty little inventions include a stand plus a series of threaded adapters that fit most of the common-sized bottles you might have around the house, allowing you to store them upside-down indefinitely while gravity does the work of pulling the product down.

Once that happens, the stand has a dispenser valve underneath that you can pull down, allowing you to squeeze out the bottle’s remaining contents as nature intended. 😌🙏


You’ll find yourself using these things on honey bottles, BBQ sauces, syrups, salad dressings, sriracha bottles, shampoos and conditioners, hand soaps, sanitizer bottles, lotions, gels, and much more.


They have a variety of kit types to choose from, but if you want to keep things simple, the two-bottle pack is what I could consider the best place to start. It comes with two XL stands along with two large, two medium, and two small adapters.

And if you really wanna commit to this system, their “Super Deluxe” kit has enough stands and adapters to hold six bottles at once!