Fletchers’ Mill French Rolling Pin

When you think of a rolling pin, what do you envision? One of those clunky things with handles? Kinda heavy, squeaks sometimes, doesn’t always fit back into the drawer the way it should?

Nah, you can do better than that. Get yourself a nice French-style rolling pin like this one.

Without the external handles to grasp onto, your hands naturally gravitate toward the center, using a pushing motion to apply pressure on dough in a way you’ll have far more control over. This (literal) hands-on approach makes baking a more tactile, intimate task. You’ll feel how well you’re getting the job done — every bump making itself known to you, every maneuver feeling like an extension of your hand, because it is.

The tapered ends do two jobs:

  1. Makes it easy to pivot the pin as you roll.
  2. Helps the dough spread more evenly towards the edges, without leaving weird lines along the way.

You don’t necessarily have to buy the very same pin I’m suggesting here, but it’s made from solid maple wood, is 20 inches long (the sweet spot for most bakers), and it’s the exact right shape. It also won’t break the bank.

Get it for just $15 on Amazon.