The Flair Manual Espresso Press

While the Flair espresso press isn’t the first manual espresso maker in the world, it’s certainly an elegant one. Like others of its ilk, it’s 100% human powered, meaning there are no batteries or power plugs to speak of. The action all comes from pressing down on the lever, which produces 8–12 BAR pressure — right in the sweet spot for getting that lovely crema and mouthfeel that signify a great espresso shot.

This demo video shows how to assemble the parts, pre-heating the detachable brew head, pull a shot, and clean up after:

Not only does the Flair do its part to cut down on wasteful coffee pods, it can also be used in a travel context by breaking down its major components and carrying them in the included travel case.


There are a variety of ways to purchase the Flair:

  • Solo — Just the press and its one brewing head. ($160)
  • Plus — The press itself plus a stainless steel tamper. ($170)
  • Bundle — Includes the press, the tamper, and an additional brewing head so you can make two espressos in a row. ($200)

The press is also available in a more premium, stylish edition that sports a copper-plated portafilter base instead of a red one: