‘Only Fish Fall From the Sky’ by Leif Parsons

Illustrator Leif Parson’s new book, Only Fish Fall From the Sky, is a silly but charming children’s book about, as Publishers Weekly notes, “a boy whose dream world is our humdrum reality, while what’s ordinary in his world is surreal in ours.”

You see, he lives in a world where fish rain from the sky instead of water (some of which are caught by people with upside-down umbrellas), kangaroos jump double-dutch, and squirrels wear glasses while writing in notebooks about how much they love school. As you can imagine, Parson’s illustration spreads will have your kid giggling before long.

Sadly, as of this writing (May 16th, 2015) the book is temporarily out of stock on Amazon. But, you can still go ahead and order a copy now to receive it once they stock back up.