Finger Dance BX11 61-Key Folding Piano

Despite the very small space we live in, having music instruments around the home is a big deal for me and my wife. We’ve both seen how important it is for kids to grow up in a place where music is always around, especially if they’re the ones playing it.

The trick for us is to find instruments that don’t take up a lot of room. Things like ukuleles and kalimbas are obvious choices, but what about learning via piano? It’s surely the single best way to pick up concepts of music theory like chords, progressions, scales, etc…but how to fit one in here?

After some searching, we discovered this folding piano keyboard and realized it was the perfect thing for our kids. It offers the functionality you’d expect from a full-sized keyboard β€” various demo tracks to play along with, lots of instrument tones, just as many backing rhythms, recording functionality, and so on β€” but then it folds in half for easy storage!

We like that it came with so many little accessories, like a carrying case, a sustain foot pedal, a music sheet stand and clip, a pair of little headphones for private playing, and more. It can also be connected to a computer or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth, and works with piano learning/recording apps like POP Piano, Perfect Piano, and Garageband.

Pick up this travel-friendly beginner’s keyboard piano for $116 on Amazon.