Final Touch Watermelon Tapping Kit

Thanks to a recent post on /r/GifRecipes, I discovered that watermelon tapping (and by extension, pumpkin tapping) is a thing, and it’s awesome. It goes a little something like this:

Wanna give it a try at your next cookout? Pick up this watermelon tapping kit, which they use in the video above. It’s $28 on Amazon, easy enough to set up, and will be a big hit with party guests.

There’s not much else to say about the thing, so as a bonus, I’ll include Reddit user /u/nicePenguin’s watermelon cocktail recipe that the tap is perfect to use with:

Ingredients Amount Quantiy for 3L (~12¾ cups)
Melon juice 50% 1.5L (~6⅓ cups)
Pineapple juice 12.5% 0.365L (~1½ cups)
Sweet & sour 12.5% 0.375L (~1½ cups)
White rum 17% 0.5L (~2 cups)
Sour Apple 8% 0.25L (~1 cup)