FikaPress 34 oz. Double-Walled Stainless Steel Coffee Press

Here at T&T, we’ve long touted the large Espro Press as the best version of a French press pot there is. However, the FikaPress — named for a Swedish word/cultural concept — might just give it a run for its money, at least in the looks department.

Like the Espro Press, the FikaPress is practically indestructible, built entirely from premium stainless steel with a double-walled construction for better insulation, keeping your coffee hot and fresh between cups. It can brew up to 34 ounces of the stuff, enough for four servings.

What really caught our eye though is its matte navy blue color, which brings yet another level of attractiveness to the whole experience.


Inside the pot are measurement marks that make it easy to tell how much water to add, so you’ll get just the right brewing ratio every time. As for how well the pot’s insulation works, the company answered that question here:

Q: How long does it keep the coffee hot?

A: Here’s the result of our own test:

1.Start: 194℉
2. After 20 minutes: 190.4℉
3. After 1 hour: 158℉
4. After 2 hours: 140℉

If you pre-heat the pot, it would stay hot a bit longer.

You can pick up the FikaPress for just $34 on Amazon.