Field Notes — ‘Shelterwood’ Edition

The guys at Field Notes have done it again with the latest in their COLORS lineup, the cover of which is actually made of wood. It’s called the Shelterwood Edition.

As you can watch in their behind-the-scenes video, they’ve very thinly sliced up some American cherry wood and bonded it with kraft paper to form each cover. Due to the nature of the wood, every cover sports a unique grain pattern—no two notebooks are exactly the same.

Field Notes — 'Shelterwood' Edition

The manufacturing process is also quite sustainable, and what little waste there is gets recycled into wood pellets to heat the factory itself.

These are amongst the more beautiful Field Notes editions I’ve come across, and my wallet couldn’t fly out of my pocket fast enough once I heard about them. If you’re not a COLORS subscriber, you can pick up a 3-pack of the Shelterwood edition for $10.