Field Notes “Clandestine” Edition

For their winter 2018 limited quarterly edition, known simply as “Clandestine”, the people at Field Notes teamed up with “puzzle event” company The Mystery League to craft a 3-pack of memo books focused on cryptography and secrecy.

First, watch the video, which has got to be among their most beautifully shot:

There are some interesting features added at the back of these Field Notes:

The last page of each book features a three-part history of codes and ciphers with many examples and anecdotes. There’s also handy cross-reference matrix of various codes on the back covers, because you never know when you’ll need to crack something.

As cool as that sounds, it gets even better — the 3-pack comes with a “F.I.E.L.D. Agent” ID card that, once you’ve cracked the codes within the memo books, will “assign” you a field office, an expertise, and a supervisor.


Get a 3-pack of the “Clandestine” Edition for $13 at Field Notes.