Field Notes “Birch Bark” Edition

Sometimes Field Notes uses its quarterly limited editions to try something new, go in unexpected directions, express an artistic idea, or make a statement. Other times, they choose to take a simpler route.

Such is the case with their 60th limited edition, “Birch Bark”. Named for the characteristically white-barked trees that tend to evoke eye-popping autumnal imagery year after year, this set of memo books feature snow-white covers with three different colors of staples and inner graph lines (green, yellow, and black respectively) to exemplify the seasonal stages of birch foliage as fall turns to winter.



In their own words:

This is a simple, practical edition; a successor to centuries of notes, proclamations and lists inscribed on birch bark. It’s also a throwback to our own past Fall releases, like long-sold-out favorites “Mackinaw Autumn,” “Fire Spotter,” and “Shenandoah.” We hope you’ll find these useful for journaling and note-taking this fall. As Robert Frost told us, “One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.”

Get a 3-pack of the “Birch Bark” Edition for $15 at Field Notes.