FiberFix “Repair Wrap” Permanent Waterproof Repair Tape

They say that duct tape can fix just about anything, but we all know from experience there are some things it just can’t handle. Leaky pipes are a good example. A badly broken shovel handle also isn’t going back together that way, at least not in a useful sense.

However, with some FiberFix Repair Wrap in your kit, you really can fix anything you would normally try wrapping duct tape around. This stuff is based on the idea behind medical casting tape (the stuff you’d use to immobilize a broken/fractured limb) in that, after being dipped in water, it’s designed to set rock-hard within minutes of application, leaving behind a strong waterproof seal that can hold up for months or even years.

The company’s instructional video shows the proper way to use the product:

Notice those gloves he’s wearing during the process? Those come included with the tape, and you definitely want to use them yourself because that hardening resin getting directly on your skin will be a huge pain to remove.

FiberFix Repair Wrap is meant to be used one entire roll at a time, and it comes in three widths: one-inch ($18), two-inch ($23), and four-inch ($28).